InnoStudy – is the application that helps students of Innopolis University with education.


Our application is the storing system for sharing abstracts, problem solutions and other stuff related to study. Students can create their own groups where they can share the content (video, images, documents etc.) with other people.


Starting page:

Groups page:

Folders page:

Files page:

List of features

  • Accounts for users
  • Saving files in Data Base
  • File sharing
  • Groups and folders creation

Technologies used

Whole application was built using Flutter framework. To store user information we used a Authentication from Firebase platform. Furthermore, Firestore and Storage services was connected to create the file system. For uploading and opening files in Android we import File Picker and Open File libraries to our project.

Project installation for modifications

Before project installation be sure that you have installed Flutter framework

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Go to the root of the project
cd <PATH>/innostudy
  1. Download all dependencies
flutter pub get

Now you can do any changes and modification in project.

Android release

You can try InnoStudy now. Just install Android release by this link.


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