Resource Repository

pub package

Implementation of a resource/repository pattern for data management in Flutter apps.

Getting started

  1. Add dependency flutter pub add resource_repository
  2. Package uses SimpleMemoryCacheStorage by default. You can add others:
    1. Hive resource_repository_hive. Recommended for small data.
    2. ObjectBox resource_repository_objectbox. More efficient on big datasets.


The repository can be “remote” or “local”. Local should be used to manage data locally, for example instead of shared_preferences when you need more than just a small key/value store. The remote should provide a FetchData callback to load data from an external place, e.g. REST API call.

final localRepository = StreamRepository.local({
    CacheStorage<K, V>? storage, // pass any of the implementations of CacheStorage
final remoteRepository = StreamRepository.remote({
   required FetchData<K, V> fetch,
   CacheStorage<K, V>? storage, // SimpleMemoryCacheStorage will be used if null
   Duration? cacheDuration,     // Pass duration value or duration resolver for complex logic.
   CacheDurationResolver<K, V>? cacheDurationResolver,

And then you can subscribe to the resource, watch all resources or use other functionality of repository.

final repository = StreamRepository<String, FooBar>.remote(
  fetch: (key, arguments) => apiCall(fooBarId: key),
  cacheDuration: const Duration(minutes: 30),
  storage: SimpleMemoryCacheStorage('foobar_storage_key'),
);'1234').listen((fooBar) {
  // work with resource

// Do something

repository.invalidate('1234'); // reload

Additional information

If you’ve created a new implementation of CacheStorage, please let me know on the project’s github page. I’ll add it to the readme.



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