GreatPlaces App

This is my next application. I won’t lie that I ran into problems while creating it, but in the end I overcame those problems and learned a lot. So when it comes to the functionality of the application, the user is presented with a list of places he has visited. After clicking anywhere from the list, the user will see:

  • a photo taken for a given place
  • place address
  • a button that will show this place on the map

The user can also add a new place during which:

  • must provide the title of the place
  • has to take a photo
  • must choose ANY place on the map (or choose HIS CURRENT LOCATION)

Once a place is added, it is added to the local SQL application database. And that’s it. Kind of a simple application but the main focus here was on Goole Maps, the camera and local data storage. And this is what the application looks like:


Cons of the application:

  • it is not possible to remove visited places from the list
  • the application does not look nice, it looks very simple

What have i learned:

  • integrating the application with Google Cloud Platform
  • creating a local SQL database for data storage
  • using the camera in the application and saving photos
  • using Google Maps in the application

And much much more…

In the near future I will post one more cool app, probably the most difficult for me so far from all that I have done.


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