gceditor is a client/server application for creating a persistent data of an application (config/model). It can generate json, c# files for the model which makes it very useful for c#-based applications/games.

The application is written in dart (flutter) and contains both the backend and frontend logic. The client is available as a native desktop application and a web application.

It does not require to setup any complex environment because it stores data in json files so it should fit small and medium projects.

Main Screen


  • C#, JSON generators produce files that can be imported and parsed in c# environment as simple as

		new ConfigRoot()
  • All vital data types are supported, including simple types, reference types, enums, lists, sets, dictionaries
  • A lot of useful helpers: Find with advanced settings, pin items, problems view.
  • Possibility to undo any action.
  • All generated classes are partial. They can be expanded if needed.
  • Classes support inheritance.
  • Clients establish socket connection with the server which guarantees high responsiveness of a client to the changes made by other clients.
  • Shortcuts for git commit and push for saving the progress.
  • History of made changes that can be used to reproduce the changes in other branches.
  • Possibility to run the application in standalone mode – perfect for solo developers.
  • Copy/paste data rows, including interacting with external spreadsheets applications via Clipboard.
  • Available as both standalone application and web application (client mode only)
  • Config files created by gceditor are ready to use with Unity.
  • Git-friendly generated JSON and c# files
  • Full set of cli arguments
  • Client application is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Web
  • Server mode is available for Windows, Linux, macOS


Data types (click to expand)

Find (click to expand)

Pin items (click to expand)

Problems (click to expand)

References (click to expand)

Settings (click to expand)

History (click to expand)


Binaries from the Releases section

Latest binaries are available in Releases section here https://github.com/kennelken/gceditor_fl

From the source code

To build the application from the source code you need:

	// windows
	flutter config --enable-windows-desktop
	flutter build windows --release

	// linux
	sudo apt install clang libgtk-3-dev ninja-build -y
	flutter config --enable-linux-desktop
	flutter build linux --release

	// macos
	flutter config --enable-macos-desktop
	flutter build macos --release

	// any OS
	flutter build web --release


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