Amazon Clone

Full Stack Amazon Clone along with Admin Panel


  • Email & Password Authentication
  • Persisting Auth State
  • Searching Products
  • Filtering Products (Based on Category)
  • Product Details
  • Rating
  • Getting Deal of the Day
  • Cart
  • Checking out with Google/Apple Pay
  • Viewing My Orders
  • Viewing Order Details & Status
  • Sign Out
  • Admin Panel
    • Viewing All Products
    • Adding Products
    • Deleting Products
    • Viewing Orders
    • Changing Order Status
    • Viewing Total Earnings
    • Viewing Category Based Earnings (on Graph)


I have created a tutorial based on this, do check it out on my channel Rivaan Ranawat

Youtube Tutorial Image

Running Locally

After cloning this repository, migrate to flutter-amazon-clone-tutorial folder. Then, follow the following steps:

  • Create MongoDB Project & Cluster
  • Click on Connect, follow the process where you will get the uri.- Replace the MongoDB uri with yours in server/index.js.
  • Head to lib/constants/global_variables.dart file, replace with your IP Address.
  • Create Cloudinary Project, enable unsigned operation in settings.
  • Head to lib/features/admin/services/admin_services.dart, replace denfgaxvg and uszbstnu with your Cloud Name and Upload Preset respectively.

Then run the following commands to run your app:

Server Side

  cd server
  npm install
  npm run dev (for continuous development)
  npm start (to run script 1 time)

Client Side

  flutter pub get
  open -a simulator (to get iOS Simulator)
  flutter run

Tech Used

Server: Node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Cloudinary

Client: Flutter, Provider


If you have any feedback, please reach out to me at [email protected]


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