My Manga Collection

Follow and track your manga collection easily with a simple Flutter application using Kitsu API.

You can browse manga throught those available on Kistu API and save them thanks to a SQLite database to keep track of them.


  • ? Light & Dark Theme
  • ? English & French Language
  • ? Browse manga by titles throught Kitsu API
  • ? Save manga to your collection
  • ? Edit titles and the number of chapters of your mangas
  • ? Works on Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • ? Export your collection to a JSON file (Android & iOS only for now)


☀️ Light

? Dark


  • Import JSON collection
  • Edit more manga information (synopsys, cover image, poster image)
  • Add a manga locally if not found by the api
  • Improve theming & animations


☎️ Android

Section in construction

? iOS

You need to build the application with flutter using:

flutter build ios

You need to have a MacOS machine with Xcode and Flutter installed.

❓ How to Use

Simply browse the manga available on the API and add them to your collection. You will be able to keep track of the volume in your collection easily.

? Dependencies



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