Folio – A Smarter Way To Manage Your Portfolio

Folio is an application that tracks the health of your Stock Portfolio and Forecasts it for a Short, Medium and Long Term hence giving you deeper understanding of how safe your money is.

Picking Stocks can be hard and so Folio auto-predicts the Day, Week, and Month closing of the Top 50 Stocks of India Listed on NSE.

To simplify it, Folio answers the following questions:

  • How safe is my Portfolio?
  • Is this the correct time to Book Profits?
  • Should I Buy a particular stock?
  • Which stock will perform well in a particular timeframe?


Folio is built on 3 primary technologies.

  • Flutter

    • Our application is capable of running on Android / iOS devices since it is created on Flutter which is Written in Dart.
    • The App Size does not exceed 20mb since most of the storage is done by a server.
  • Django

    • We have created a Django Based Server that can serve the application on any device.
    • Using Port Forwarding, our Django Server does not run on a localhost but a hosted host. (I found this funny)
    • Django handles the Database (SQLITE3) and houses the state of the art Deep Learning Algorithm
  • Deep Learning

    • Our Deep Learning Algortihm is something that has never been created and the proof lies in the 50 Research Papers we have reviews ‘Research Papers – Index’
    • It takes into account Open, High, Low, Close, Volume Traded, VWAP, 50DMA, 100DMA, 14 Day RSI, and Volatility.
    • Almost enacts a real life trader.
    • Super proud of my model ?

How to Setup the Server

  • Navigate to Dot-Tech—Folio/Backend/folio/
  • In the terminal type the following command to install the dependencies

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Take a coffee break while everything installs
  • In the same directory type

    python runserver

You might want to use port forwarding to convert a localhost to hosted host. (Still Funny)

  • With the server running, navigate to Dot-Tech—Folio/Frontend/folio/
  • Replace the Server link with your server link but DO NOT remove the /api/
  • In The Terminal type:

    flutter build apk –release

  • Don’t Forget to transfer some money to us too.

For You? For Me?

Folio is made for the New Investors and Traders in the Stock Market. When I was a kid, I had the money. I had the account. I had the means. But I did not know where to invest. That’s what we are trying to eliminate.

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