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A simple, easy, used plug-in that prints out long text and formats Map or List data structures. You can also customize the title information of the print area, the color of the text, etc. . The print content also shows the trigger area and the trigger method.


This is a simple way to use logger, you need to initialize a ProsteLogger, and then call its internal methods to print out the relevant content.

Of course we can do some configuration information during initialization, which I’ll cover in more detail later.

  final logger = ProsteLogger();

  logger.i('this is info msg');


Simple text

Simple Map and List

It is important to note that if the data structure contains a class data structure, the printed data will not have double quotation marks. jsonEncode(), which is used first for formatting, is called toString()if it fails.

Format Map and List

Long text content

Long text is contained in Map and List


  final logger = ProsteLogger();

  logger.d('this is debug msg'); // Print only in debug, depending on the constant kDebugMode built into flutter
  logger.i('this is info msg', {title: 'self title', format: false}); // Print methods can also define their own title information or whether to format data
  logger.w('this is warning msg');
  logger.e('this is error msg');


final logger = ProsteLogger(
  basic: const BasicConfig(
    title: 'config', // printed title
    limitLength: 100, // length of one line
    format: false, // Whether to print after formatting when the data is Map or List
  colors: const ColorConfig(
    debug: Colors.white, // logger.d() text color
    info: Colors.pink, // logger.i() text color
    warning: Colors.green, // logger.w() text color
    error: Colors.yellow, // logger.e() text color

If you have any suggestions or questions in use, welcome to issuesI will handle it as soon as I see it. Thank you!