TikTok App

Another app in Flutter. In short, this is an attempt to recreate the appearance of TikTok, but using the Pexels API. You can actually only switch tabs and watch movies, just like on TikTok. Nothing else is included in this app. The main goal was to learn something new. Here’s what this app looks like:


Cons of the application:

  • little functionality
  • the movies take a long time to load
  • a small selection of videos due to the number of videos on Pexels (you can change the category of videos displayed in the repository.dart file in getFeeds () params, near “api_key”)

What have I learned:

  • understand a little RxDart
  • understand and use BLoC in practice
  • connect to REST API and many more of the less important things…

My next applications will probably rely more on RxDart and BLoC.


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