Custom Radio Group List

Flutter package to create list of radio button, by providing a list of objects it can be a String list or list of Map.


  1. Radio list can be generated using a String list
  2. Radio List can be generated using list of any Map object.
  3. Selected item(String/Object) can be marked checked
  4. List can be marked disabled so that user cannot change its value.
  5. Scroll direction can be set to horizontal as well as vertical
  6. TextSize and TextColor can be customized

A Sample image to display list of radio button

A sample image to display value of selected object.

Getting started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

custom_radio_group_list: ^1.0.0

Import it to each file you use it in:

import 'package:custom_radio_group_list/custom_radio_group_list.dart';


Example 1

This example is very basic which uses list of string

radioList: sampleListString,
selectedItem: 1,
onChanged: (value) {
print(‘Value : ${value}’);
disabled: true)

Example 2

This example shows use of Map object list to display radio group list.

                radioListObject: sampleList,
                textParameterName: 'data',
                selectedItem: 1,
                onChanged: (value) {
                print('Value : ${value}');
                } )


Please clone repository from

Go to example folder and see the sample implementation.

Additional information

Feel Free to report any issue and feature.


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