RRAD Multi Factor Authentication


  • Register Device for Time based OTP.
  • Verify registration of Time based OTP.
  • Validate Time based for registered devices with userId.
  • Send sms OTP.
  • Validate sms OTP.


Add the package to your pubspec.yaml

  rrad_mfa: any

Then you have to initialize the package instance to use it.

void main() async {

    appName: 'RRAD', // Short name of your app
    serverUrl: 'http://localhost:6969', // Your server url
    totpApiKey: 'sdvsdvdaszfhvcedsth',   // Your api key for totp
    smsApiKey: 'adsrgetwyetr',   // Your api key for sms otp

  runApp(const MyApp());
  • If you want to use Time based OTP totpApiKey is required.
  • If you want to use SMS based OTP smsApiKey is required.

API Specifications

Register userId for the first time in Time based OTP
TOTPResponse<TOTP?> result = await RRADMFA.instance.register();

If the registration is successfull it will return secrets, userId and image Unit8List data for qrcode.
Use data to show image with Image.memory widget.

Verify time based Otp for userId after

TOTPResponse<TOTP?> result = await RRADMFA.instance.verify(
    userId: '', // userId stored from register response
    otp: '',  // otp taken from user
Validate Time based Otp for userId

TOTPResponse<TOTP?> result = await RRADMFA.instance.validate(
    userId: '', // userId stored from register response
    otp: '',  // otp taken from user
Send Sms Otp to phone number

We are only sending sms otp to valid bangladeshi phone number for the time being.

TOTPResponse<TOTP?> result = await RRADMFA.instance.sendSmsOtp(
    phoneNumber: '', // phone number of user
Validate Sms Otp sent to phone number

TOTPResponse<TOTP?> result = await RRADMFA.instance.validateSmsOtp(
    phoneNumber: '', // phone number of user
    otp: '',  // otp taken from user

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