Provides Authentication screens with login & signup ( Email/Password or Google Account ) & Reset Password functionalities to help speed up development

📷 App Demo

SignUp using Email & Password Screen

drawing drawing drawing

drawing drawing drawing

SignUp using the Google Account Screen ( After Select Account )

drawing drawing

Login Screen

drawing drawing drawing

Reset Password Screen

drawing drawing drawing

Home Screen

drawing drawing drawing

No Internet Connection Screen


A Flutter project implementing animated login, signup, and password reset screens using Firebase authentication. The project also includes Google sign-in integration and utilizes various dependencies like awesome_dialog, firebase_auth, firebase_core, flutter_screenutil, font_awesome_flutter, gap, google_sign_in, and rive.


  • Animated UI: Utilizes the bear headless animation for a visually appealing user interface.
  • Firebase Authentication: Implements email and password authentication using Firebase.
  • Google Sign-In: Allows users to sign up or log in using their Google accounts.
  • Responsive Design: Uses flutter_screenutil for responsive UI design across various screen sizes.
  • Custom Dialogs: Integrates awesome_dialog for custom dialogs in the app.