The package allows you to add hidden logo under the Notch or the Dynamic Island for iPhone devices.


❗Using this package will NOT affect your application running on any other platforms except iOS. Also, it will not affect your app running on the iPhones that is not marked as the Target ones (See the List of Target iPhones in the table down below).


Wrap your MaterialApp or CupertinoApp with HiddenLogo widget or define its builder function (as in the example). Then you have to provide 2 builders for 2 cases: iPhones with Notch and the ones with Dynamic Island.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return MaterialApp(
    builder: (context, child) {
      return HiddenLogo(
        body: child!,
        notchBuilder: (context, constraints) {
          return MyNotchLogoBuilder();
        dynamicIslandBuilder: (context, constraints) {
          return MyDynamicIslandLogoBuilder();

The size of your brand logo can be adaptive thanks to constraints provided by the widget. They define maxWidth and maxHeight where you can draw and remain hidden. Also do not forget to define BorderRadius property for your Notch logo widget to make it look prettier! And the Dynamic Island widget will be rounded automatically.

Common mistakes

  • Don’t place kinky visual trash (especially adds) but only your brand or application logo. Obviously, doing opposite may cause troubles with releasing your app to the store
  • Round your widget’s barriers, so it nicely fits hardware barrier and non-visible when not need to be

Additional information

You do not have to worry – all the existing iPhone variants starting from iPhone X are tested, so the widget always return correct max constraints!

To test visual appearance of your widget when developing you can either minimize your app to tray or take a screenshot of your app (for ios simulator: Device → Trigger Screenshot)

Table of iPhones hardware top barrier types (Target iPhones)

iPhones with Notch iPhones with Dynamic Island
X 14 Pro
XR 14 Pro Max
XS 15
XS Max 15 Plus
11 15 Pro
11 Pro 15 Pro Max
11 Pro Max
12 Mini
12 Pro
12 Pro Max
13 Mini
13 Pro
13 Pro Max
14 Plus

About further updates

When the new iPhones will come out the logos will not appear on them because the actual shape and size configuration of further devices are unknown in advance! But the package will be updated as soon as possible after the release!

Any Issues or Pull request are appreciated! Thanks!


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