BC Image Editor

You can edit image using this package and also you can create flex preview image by setting foreground to null. For now, you can use only asset files.


  • Background and Foreground(optional) image
  • Resize images
  • Set x,y position them
  • 3D rotate image image on x, y axis (Foreground only)
  • 2D rotate foreground image
  • Scale for detail view
  • Use on device files or asset files

Getting started


    import 'package:bc_image_editor/bc_image_editor.dart';


            frontImage: "image/path",
            bgImage: "image/path",
            frontWidth: 200,
            frontHeight: 300,
            bgWidth: 300,
            bgHeight: 200, //If one of variable of width and height not setted or set to null, the other one will auto scale
            frontLeft: 10,
            frontTop: 10,
            bgLeft: 10,
            bgTop: 10,
            frontBoxFit: BoxFit.fill,
            bgBoxFit: BoxFit.fill,
            rotateX: 0, //rotateX and y are on 3D axis
            rotateY: 0,
            rotate2D: 0,

Using from asset folder image

First initialize your path name:

    String imagePath = "";

Then create a async function like below and use it in initState:

    void initFiles() async {
        File tempImg =
            await getImageFileFromAssets("assets/image/path");
        setState(() {
            imagePath = tempImg.path;


Coming soon


MIT License

Additional information

It’s my first package in pub.dev I will try to improve it.


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