Flutter News App

Flutter News App


This Flutter News App is a project designed to showcase best practices in Flutter development, incorporating Clean Architecture, BLoC state management, dependency injection with Get_it, local database storage using Floor, and network calls with Retrofit. The app fetches real-time news data from a public API, providing users with a seamless and responsive news browsing experience.


  • Clean Architecture: Separation of concerns for maintainability and scalability.
  • BLoC State Management: Efficiently manage and update the UI state.
  • Firebase: Authentication of users using Firebase Auth and Firebase Storage.
  • Google Sign-In: Users can sign in with their google account.
  • Dependency Injection: Utilize Get_it for dependency injection to enhance code organization.
  • Local Database: Employ Floor for local data storage, ensuring offline access to previously fetched news.
  • Network Calls: Use Retrofit to make efficient and structured API calls.
  • Deep Linking: Deep linking is a mechanism that allows direct navigation to specific content within a mobile application, facilitating seamless access to specific screens or actions via URLs or URIs.


  1. Clone the repository:

  2. Install dependencies:

    flutter pub get
  3. Run the app:

    flutter run


To successfully run the Flutter News App, you need to configure your API key. Follow the steps below to set up the configuration:

1. Acquire API Key

Obtain an API key from your preferred news API provider.

2. Update Configuration Files


The Flutter News App utilizes the following dependencies:


Bloc is a predictable state management library that helps to manage the state of the application in a clear and organized way.

Firebase Core

Firebase Core is a Flutter plugin to use the Firebase Core API, which enables connecting to multiple Firebase apps.

Firebase Auth

Firebase Auth is a Flutter plugin to use the Firebase Authentication API.

Firebase Storage

Firebase Storage is a Flutter plugin to use the Firebase Cloud Storage API.


Get_it is a simple service locator for dependency injection. It enhances code organization and provides a clean way to manage dependencies.


Floor is a persistence library for Flutter and Dart that wraps SQLite. It facilitates local data storage, ensuring offline access to previously fetched news.


Retrofit is a type-safe HTTP client for Dart. It enables structured and efficient API calls.

Google Sign In

Google Sign In provides a convenient and streamlined solution for integrating Google Sign-In functionality into Flutter applications.

Image Picker

Image Picker facilitates seamless image selection from the device’s gallery or camera, enhancing user interactions with image-related functionalities in the app.

Uni Links

Uni Links enables deep linking and URI handling, allowing seamless integration of universal links and custom URI schemes for navigation and data sharing within the application.


Contributions to the Flutter News App are welcome!


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