gRPC + Flutter + Golang = ?

This repository is meant to be a reference on how to start a Flutter project with custom backend based on gRPC and Golang. It is (at least I believe so) not spaghetti code, so it should be great starter, easy to extend. Its current functionality is performing a query entered by user and performing it on a wikipedia to scrap some information. (ok, scrapping is not implemented yet, I’ll do it when I get some sleep).

If you fins something that can be improved, I’d be grateful for a Pull Request. Also feel free to reach out to me on Discord – Creatix#9999 – in order to discuss anything.

How to launch it locally?

In order to make it work, you need to run Golang server go run cmd/app/main.go and then run Flutter app. If you want to make changes to .proto file and regenerate the code, I created a small bash script that does it for you. All you have to do is execute sh from the proto directory.

Quick demonstration



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