Mobile app where you to register with your own account and save your games of French Belote, Coinche Belote and Tarot !

How to use it ?

For now, the app is only available on Android. YOu can go to the "Action" menu and download the artifacts of the last
green pipeline. You can also email me with a gmail address, so I can add you to the broadcast list :)

How to work on it ?

You need a couple of things to be able to start the app in dev mode on your own computer

  1. Download the Flutter SDK according to your OS
  2. Create a virtual device
  3. Fork the source code (of course)


  1. Create on project on the Firebase console
  2. Add the into the android/app folder
  3. Upload the functions into your Firebase project (you'll need npm) :
$ cd functions
$ npm install -g firebase-tools
$ firebase deploy --only functions


  1. Create a project on Algolia (it's an indexation service)
  2. Create an index named player-dev
  3. Create a file named algolia.json in assets/config like this :
  "app_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
  "api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY"

Finally, you can run

$ fluter run

And you are good to go