Fliver is a smartphone app to help ease the process of getting a taxi. When you need one, simply open the app and swipe the button - that's it. If there are 3 or more Riders within the same area, Drivers will be notified and can come to your spot to pick you up. It's that simple!

This is the Rider app repository for Riders to mark their locations and notify a Driver. It is part of the Final Year Project of a bunch of Computer Engineering students.


Important: this project contains certain files that are encrypted due to the use of API keys, which is why it will not build directly on your machine. Please refer to ENCRYPTION.md for more information.

To build and run the app on your device, do the following:

  • Install Flutter by following the instructions on their website.
  • Clone this repo to your local machine using git clone https://github.com/fliverdev/rider.git.
  • Replace all the encrypted files with your own as explained in ENCRYPTION.md.
  • Connect your devices/emulators and run the app using flutter run in the root of the project directory.

Note: you can also run it in release mode using flutter run --release to improve performance and stability, however, debugging features will be disabled.