Experimental Flutter screen recorder with (hopefully!) speed and small size.



Video 1: Record all frames into byte array. Video 2: Replay from byte array.


  • Replay is deliberately “janky” (slow), and does not follow real timing (but instead each frame takes 0.2s), because I want to clearly show each frame.
  • It captures every frame in full resolution and full details, e.g. the ripple animation.
  • This is just super early demo and there are (many) rough edges, but the main idea is there.
  • ui.Image are not captured yet, but it seems not hard to do so (there is already API)




As usual, need to compile with custom engine before the code changes are merged into Flutter.


  1. Play with the app
  2. Tap “stop” floating action button
  3. Tap “replay” (the monitor icon) floating action button, and see the replay

Expected features in v1.0

The demo above only demonstrates the core functionality works. In order to make it a full screen recorder and session replayer (debugger), there are more work (though not hard) to be done. More specifically, I expect to have such API:

Layer 1: Record & replay

  • To record, simply wrap with ScreenRecorderWidget(child: ...), and call ScreenRecorder.start() / .pause().
  • To replay, simply use ScreenPlayerWidget, with features like a normal video player.

Layer 2: “Session replay” for debugging

  • Automatically record and save to local disk.
  • When the user detects a bug and you want to know what happens before that bug, call something like ScreenRecorder.getRecorded(startTime, endTime) and send to you / upload to your server.


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