The one and only event management system.

⭐ What was our motivation?

As technology advances, we often aim for newer and better approaches for solving problems leaving behind the orthodox methods. Though, most of the things have been brought to our 6.5 inch screen, there’s one thing which we feel, still needs improvisation- The Event Management System. The need arises mainly when one need to organise an event/ceremony outside our hometown. So instead of hustling around, worrying for contact details of best DJ, decorators around the city one just need to hop-on to our app and book his requirements for the occassion. With this motivation we have built this one stop app for all your occassion needs.

⭐ Why did we build this project?

There is always one market leading application which stays on top of people’s head that satisfies all the needs in one go, incase of food delivery ZOMATO holds the cup and for cab services OLA makes it way to the top. People tend to comeback to these applications becuase the services give top notch supply for their demand.
There is no market leading application that provides all the services required for a hustling person trying to conduct an event in 5 simple steps, we built this application to bring together the customers and the companies, increase market sales reach and interaction, also drastically decreases the time and effort of an induvidual put for conducting and organising an event.

⭐ What are the problems faced in the ecosystem?

  • Decreased offline sales of companies
  • Reduced opportunity
  • High demanding time, money, energy and effort of customers
  • No platform for customers and companies to directly interact
  • Collaboration within the induvidual companies

⭐ How did we tackle them?

  • Boosts the reach of the companies with increased sales.
  • Easy patnership with Eventour for better opportunities.
  • Drastically decreases the time, money and energy and effort of the customers.
  • User friendly platform for increased interaction between customers and companies.
  • Increased collaboration within companies for integrated events.

Structure of the App:-

App Files

lib: This folder contains code for main file, various other component screens like Home screen, Login Screen, and some other model files for connectivity with GCloud.

pubspec.yaml: This file contains various dependencies required for Flutter project.

A Glimpse of The App ?

photo_2021-10-24_09-58-13 photo_2021-10-24_09-58-10 photo_2021-10-24_09-58-06 photo_2021-10-24_09-58-02
photo_2021-10-24_09-57-58 photo_2021-10-24_09-53-57 photo_2021-10-24_09-53-53 photo_2021-10-24_09-53-48
photo_2021-10-24_09-53-41 photo_2021-10-24_09-53-36 photo_2021-10-24_09-53-12


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