E-commerce apparel shopping app UI (ShopIn)

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1. About ShopIn

ShopIn is an apparel shopping app made using Flutter and Dart. Only the Frontend Code is being developed till now. ShopIn has all the basic User Interface control like any other e-commerce shopping app including things like search, categories, Item details, and many other features.

2. Steps to use ShopIn

Introductory slides

Intro slider

  • The app begins with some introductory sliders to give you an overview of the items and features of the app.
  • As you slide to the end it will take you to the main page of the app.

Start page

Main page

  • This is the Main start page of the app where you can look for any items and navigate through other categories of the app like profile, order, and Categories

Category page

Category page

  • Category page gives you options to choose which type of clothing you want to buy and explore the items according to categories

Category item page

Category items

  • Category item page shows you the available items related to the Category you choose.

Item Detail page

Item details

  • Item detail page shows you all the details about the item you clicked and gives you the price and other things about the item.

Cart page


  • Cart page shows all the items that the user wishes to buy

Order confirmation page

Place order page

  • Final page of the app where you give your final command to place an order after checking all the necessary details.


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