Fast, responsive and good looking Delhi Technological University unofficial website client app

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Apparently the official website of prestigious institute Delhi Technological University is currently poorly optimized, as a result of which it takes a lot of memory and as well as time to open up. This app was created to resolve this issue with the medium of mobile app and provide a material, good looking User Interface which can actually be used as an official app complimentary to the institute’s website.


Fast, responsive and good looking is what one will expect from such a reputed university, and this app has been developed keeping the same in mind.


The app fetches the lastest data avaliable on the website and display it accordingly ultimately giving the raw data a cleaner look. The working can be classified into majorly three parts :

  1. App Launch – Clears any previous data from last session
  2. Fetch Data – Fetch data of DTU’s Official Website using DTU-API and store it locally
  3. Data Display – Once saved locally, all requests are made through the locally stored data saving memory and internet


The DTU-API referenced above is also written and deployed by me on Vercel. Cheers to Vercel for being awesome!


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