Dart package to search and delete unused translations from .arb files, for all languages, all in one go.

NOTE : This package has been developed keeping flutter_localizations package in mind, which uses .arb files for all translations.

Package in action


# Add translations_cleaner as a dev dependency
dart pub add --dev translations_cleaner

# Run the command to clean all the translations
flutter pub run translations_cleaner

Why ?

Translations can be a very time taking process when the app starts to scale and there are a lot many translations. Hence it is a good practice to clean the translations if it is not being used. Checking for unused translations is tedious, hence this package.

How ?

  • translations_cleaner looks for all the .arb files located in the directory, and fetches all the translations, from all the languages.
  • Then it looks for all the .dart files.
  • All the translation terms are looked for in these dart files
  • The translations not found in the dart files are removed from the corresponding .arb files, including any attributes as well

Limitations ?

  • This package currently works only for l10n achieved via flutter_localizations, which uses .arb files.
  • There are other l10n packages which use .json and .yaml for saving translations. These are not supported currently


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