A (work-in-progress) demonstration of: (1) a full-stack Flutter application utilizing Firebase and Google Cloud, and (2) ranked voting with the Condorcet Method.



Event flow


YouTube discussion about the project

Rubber Duck Engineering #58

From July 29, 2021

Getting started and local development

  1. Copy server/server_config.example.yaml to server/server_config.yaml and
    populate the entries. See the details in server/lib/src/service_config.dart
    for the expected values.

    TODO explain the values needed to run locally vs to deploy.

  2. Make sure you have package:shelf_dev v2
    or later installed.

  3. Run shelf_dev from the root of the repository to start the app. It will be
    hosted at localhost:8080.


todo Sketching things out here, but this is incomplete at the moment.

  1. Deploy services

    1. Enable cloud tasks and create a task queue.
    2. Enable cloud run.
      1. Make sure the name of the service corresponds to the value in
        hosting/rewrites in firebase.json.
    3. Set variables using server/tool/update_cloud_run_environment.dart.
    4. Deploy cloud run service
  2. Web app

    1. Build the web app. flutter build web.
    2. Deploy web app. firebase deploy.