Sunrise Sunset

Dart API that provides sunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitude. This API is a wrapper around the
free Sunset and Sunrise Times API

Phases of the sun and moon

Getting started

You should ensure that you add the dependency in your project.

 sunrise_sunset: "^1.0.2"

You should then run flutter packages upgrade or update your packages in IntelliJ.


Import the file:

import 'package:sunrise_sunset/sunrise_sunset.dart';

To use simply call the static method SunriseSunset.getResults(...).

Time values in response will be expressed Datetime instances and day_length will be expressed in seconds.

final response = await SunriseSunset.getResults(date:, latitude: 36.7201600, longitude: -4.4203400);


Here is a list of supported parameters to use in the SunriseSunset.getResults() method

Name Optional
latitude No
longitude No
date Yes (If not present, date defaults to current date)


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