Customizable progress dialog for Flutter applications with smooth animation for background dim color and blur.


Getting Started


Add dependency to pubspec.yaml file :
ars_progress_dialog: 0.0.1

Run this command :
$ flutter pub get


Import class in your project :
import 'package:ars_progress_dialog/ars_progress_dialog.dart';

Showing Dialog

Show simple progress dialog :

ArsProgressDialog progressDialog = ArsProgressDialog(
	blur: 2,
	backgroundColor: Color(0x33000000),
	animationDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 500));; // show dialog
	progressDialog.dismiss(); //close dialog

Customize loading widget :

 ArsProgressDialog customProgressDialog = ArsProgressDialog(
	 blur: 2,
	 backgroundColor: Color(0x33000000),
	 loadingWidget: Container(
		 width: 150,
		 height: 150,
		 child: CircularProgressIndicator(),    


Name Type Description Default
backgroundColor Color Dialog dim(background) Color Color (0x99000000)
blur double Blur amount of dialog background 0
dismissable bool Setting this true lets user dismiss dialog by touching outside of it. true
onDismiss Function This function triggers when user dismisses dialog. -
loadingWidget Widget Dialog's widget. You can use your own widget when showing dialog. simple widget
useSafeArea bool Setting this to false makes dialog background fullscreen but when you set it true blur and background color will not apply on status bar, navigation bar and ... false
animationDuration Duration This duration defines how much will take for blur and background color to appear. Duration (milliseconds : 300)