Interactive Add button layout

Custom Layout with interactive add button to impove your UI and UX .


Import the Package

add this dependencies to your app
dependencies: interactive_add_button_layout: ^0.1.0

Use the Package

add this import statement
import 'package:interactive_add_button_layout/interactive_add_button_layout.dart';

The layout need to be the root layout of your widget (screen)

and Now to use it, add this code to your widget :

return Scaffold(
      body: AddButtonLayout( parameters )

The layout has 6 parameters which are :

  • child : you know what is that xD, in case you don't it's the child of the layout which mean that the layout is his parent .
  • row : a List of Widgets to be diplayed in a row for the Row layout .
  • column : a List of Widgets to be diplayed in a column for the Column layout .
  • onPressed: the function to be called when the user click the add button .
  • color : the color of the layout (color of the background), by default it's Color(0xff2A1546) .
  • btnColor : the color of the add button

the row and column and child are required !

Example :

you can find a demo app in ./example