IoT Tracking

Cross-platform mobile app for tracking GPS with IoT technologies.



This app allow user to track their GPS device(s) & visualize it on Google’s map.

It uses some IoT technologies such as IoT Gateway, MQTT protocol & most importantly, it built on top of Flutter, so it’s platform-free.

Note: This application is still in-development stage with simualated data, but you can still download and experiment with it, instructions below.



  1. Clone this repo:
    $ git clone
  2. In the root directory of cloned repo, install Flutter’s packages by running the following command:
    $ flutter pub get
  3. Then install Node’s packages for Server by running the following command:
    $ yarn --cwd ./server install
  4. Finally, install Node’s packages for Broker:
    $ yarn --cwd ./broker install

Build & Run

Note: All command must run in the root directory.

  1. Run Server:
    $ yarn --cwd ./server start
  2. Start MQTT’s Broker:
    $ yarn --cwd ./broker start
  3. (Optional) If you want to test with our simulated data, you can run this command:
    $ node ./broker/clients.js
  4. Make sure you have a Mobile Emulator running. Then finally, build & run Flutter’s app:
    $ flutter run

Known Issues

Feel free to raise any issue when you have trouble with the app.


Info Role Work
Leader Project manager, UI/UX design, architecture design, report, documentation.
Core Major UI/UX implementation, core funtionality, simulate IoT enviroment.
Core Minor UI/UX implementation, Authentication service.
Core Database implementation, REST API.
Core Database design.


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