Creation of the Android application MyAgenda but with Flutter, in order to discover Flutter but also to be able to create an application for both Android and iOS.

Application to have the agenda of the University of Maine (Le Mans University), University of Tours and Rennes. In addition other Universities can be added easily, on request. You can also put in place a link to an ICAL file if your university is not available (for Efrei / Efreitech for example). It will be available for Android but also iOS.

How the application works

MyAgenda uses the latest data from the ENT. Indeed, it retrieves an ICS file (ical), processes it and displays it. This file contains the list of events (courses) of the group that you have chosen on the application (in the settings).

If you choose to use a University, to access the application you must log in using your University IDs. Otherwise, if you chose "Other" in the University choice, simply enter the link to the ICAL file.


MyAgenda includes a multitude of features, such as the choice of your group. You can also very well watch the schedule of one of your classmates, a teacher or even a room.

The ability to add personal events, such as an appointment with a professor, the doctor or others. These events can have any color to distinguish them from the list of courses.

The possibility of adding / deleting one or more notes on a course or personal event (ex: A job to be done).

The possibility of finding a free niche. For example: Search for free rooms between 11:00 and 12:30 in the IT department. The search can be done on the resources you want (just check the one you are interested in)

You can also fully customize the application by choosing the main color, the secondary color (for buttons, switch, etc.) or the color of the presence indicator of a note (displayed on the right edge of a course / personal event). In addition you can choose the number of weeks to display.