Codium login page

This Flutter application is a basic login page.


1 * Logo.

2 * TextField for Username and Password.

1 * Button for login.

Total two pages available in this application.

when you click on the button application will navigate

to the second page.


The Documentation is available here

Installation instructions

System requirements:

Flutter 2+(Developed in flutter 2.5.3 stable)

with windows 21H1 and tested on windows10 with Flutter 2.5.3

There shouldn’t be any problem with other UNIX based operating System.


1. Clone the repository

2. cd to the folder(lib)

3. Get the packages(if needed)

4. Run the program

To start on terminal for standard input

1. Go to the folder(eg. cd lib)

2. Run : dart file_name(eg. flutter run <file_name>)

To stop on terminal

1. Run exit on folder(lib)


App Screenshot


If you have any feedback, please reach out to me at [email protected]


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