A simple countdown tracker app. It allows you to create, modify and delete upcoming and past countdowns.




When creating countdowns, the raw data is persisted on the local system as .json file.

On Linux it is stored in ~/Documents/countdowns.json.

How to build it

On iOS

Open project on your Mac in Xcode and build & run the app on a target device.

On Linux

Run flutter build linux, which will create a build directory under the project root.

From there, you can simply run the application by running


Also, you could ship the application to other users by making a zip, like this

zip -r build/linux/release/bundle/


  • [x] fix ID handling (currently it is just a random int)
  • [x] use swiping to delete countdowns
  • [x] make datetime picker nicer
  • [x] show countdown datetime in subtitle
  • [x] allow to edit countdowns
  • [ ] allow to chose any icon
  • [ ] fix seconds refresh sync (because of ms update is not happening in sync)
  • [ ] make color of card dynamic based on how time left