Convene – The Next Unicorn Start Up

Thank you all for joining this project! I’m excited to see what we can build here. This readme will outline some ideas for how we can make this work, but remember, this is all up to change, and if you have any ideas on how to do something better I would love to hear them!

Most of the communication happens on discord, so feel free to join:

About Convene

Convene Video
Click on this “video” to find out more!

App Architecture


Convene Roadmap

  • Make current code fully tested
  • Ratings and reviews for personal books
  • History of books
  • Book club feature!!!

Link to Figma Design:

How this project will work?

Short answer is we will figure it out as we go, but I have created a starting point for something we can work with. If you think there is some way we can do things better, please let me know.


For people new to open source, look at
To learn how to contribute, look at

Points Breakdown

If this project ever becomes profitable, 40% of shares will be distributed among the contributes based on contributions made.

Task Type Task Points
LF Large Feature 4
MF Medium Feature 3
SF Small Feature 2
LB Large Bug Fix 3
MB Medium Bug Fix 2
SB Small Bug Fix 1

All points are subject to change, and sometimes there might be tasks that will have to overrule the point system.


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