Complete Flutter Course Bundle – eCommerce App

This is the official repo for this course:

This will include a full-stack eCommerce app using Flutter & Firebase:

eCommerce App Preview

A Flutter web preview of the app can be found here:

Documentation & FAQ

This project includes a documentation website that can be found here:

Flutter Foundations – Course Syllabus

1. Intro & Project Overview

  1. What you will learn in this course
  2. Section overview
  3. VSCode Shortcuts, Extensions & Settings for Flutter development
  4. Join the Slack Channel
  5. Course Project on GitHub
  6. Download the Starter Project & pubspec.yaml overview
  7. eCommerce app overview
  8. Code walkthrough: project structure
  9. Exploring the codebase with the Widget Inspector (DevTools)
  10. UI Design Principles: Composition & Reusable Widget Classes
  11. Useful Widgets for Responsive Design
  12. App Localization

2. Navigation with GoRouter

  1. Section Intro
  2. Limitations of Navigator 1.0
  3. GoRouter installation & initial setup with MaterialApp.router
  4. Routes, sub-routes and navigation
  5. GoRouterHelper Extension and pageBuilder
  6. Adding some additional routes
  7. Routing by path vs routing by name
  8. Routing with parameters
  9. GoRouter error handling
  10. Navigating with go vs push
  11. Adding the remaining routes
  12. How to pop a route with GoRouter
  13. Nested Navigation
  14. Wrap up

3. Flutter App Architecture

  1. Section Intro
  2. Popular App Architectures: MVC, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Bloc
  3. Riverpod App Architecture with the Controller-Service-Repository Pattern
  4. Project Structure: Feature-first vs Layer-first
  5. The Repository Pattern and the Data Layer
  6. Implementing the “fake” products repository as a singleton
  7. Working with Future and Stream-based APIs
  8. Wrap Up

4. State Management with Riverpod – Part 1 (Product Listings)

  1. Section Intro
  2. Introduction to Riverpod
  3. Riverpod installation and setup
  4. Creating our first provider
  5. Reading providers with ConsumerWidget and Consumer
  6. Working with FutureProvider, StreamProvider, and AsyncValue
  7. Testing AsyncValue by adding a delay
  8. The family modifier
  9. The autoDispose modifier + advanced data caching options
  10. Creating a reusable AsyncValueWidget helper
  11. Wrap Up + Exercise

5. State Management with Riverpod – Part 2 (Authentication Flow)

  1. Section intro
  2. Implementing a fake authentication repository
  3. Creating repositories using abstract classes (optional)
  4. Intro: a reactive in-memory store with RxDart
  5. Implementing the InMemoryStore with RxDart
  6. Using the InMemoryStore in the FakeAuthRepository
  7. Accessing the FakeAuthRepository with in the AccountScreen
  8. Creating our first controller using StateNotifier
  9. Using the StateNotifier inside the AccountScreen widget
  10. Listening to provider state changes with ref.listen()
  11. Bug-fix for Navigator.pop
  12. The AsyncValue.guard method
  13. Adding an AsyncValue extension method
  14. Using the authStateChangesProvider in HomeAppBar
  15. Intro to the email & password sign-in screen
  16. How to generate immutable state classes in Dart
  17. Using AsyncValue inside EmailPasswordSignInState
  18. Implementing the EmailPasswordSignInController
  19. Using the EmailPasswordSignInController in the widget class
  20. Bug fix + filtering state updates with select()
  21. GoRouter redirects
  22. GoRouter: the refreshListenable argument
  23. Wrap Up



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