Online utilities for formatting, encoding/decoding etc are dangerous to use (many of them steal secrets from your data) and are in fact prohibited at many workplaces. This offline desktop app is a collection of many such utilities:

  • Base64 Encoding/Decoding
  • JSON Formatting / Validating / Extracting
  • JSON <-> YAML Conversion
  • QR Image <-> Text Conversion
  • JWT Inspection
  • More coming soon

This app is written in Flutter and therefore, works on MacOS, Linux, Windows and even Web if your org would like to host it internally as a webapp. But do not expect this to work on Android and iOS.

Make sure to read the LICENSE.

How to build:

flutter build macos --release will generate the .app file in build/macos/Build/Products/Release/
test -f DevTools.dmg && rm DevTools.dmg && create-dmg --app-drop-link 400 100 --icon-size 50 --window-size 600 400 --window-pos 400 400 DevTools.dmg build/macos/Build/Products/Release/


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