A Clash Proxy Fronted based on Clash

Linux Supported



  • Stable: Restart and restore clash status when clash kernel crashs automatically.
  • Stable: Monitor Realtime runtime status.
  • UI: Beautiful UI built by Flutter.
  • UI: Chinese/English localizations supported.
  • Functions: Easy to set/unset as system proxy.
  • Functions: Full customized setting, proxy mode, ports, LAN connection, ipv6, etc.
  • Functions: Switch yaml configs in realtime.
  • Functions: Test delay with each proxy.
  • Functions: prebuilt clash kernel and country mmdb.
  • Info: Show status on status menu bar.
  • Info: Show logs on About page.
  • Info: Show download/upload rates on both system app menu bar and in-app menu bar.


  • Proxy Page

  • Profile Page

  • Setting Page

  • Logs Page

  • Add a subscription page

  • About Page

  • App system menu bar


  • Snap Store(comming soon)

    • sudo snap install fclash --classic
  • Download DEB files, go to Github Action page.

Build from source

FClash depends libappindicatior3-dev when compiling.


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