pub package

An attempt to implement better scrolling for Flutter Web and Desktop.

Includes keyboard, MButton and custom mouse wheel scrolling.

Getting started


Usage and features

(from the example app)

final controller = ScrollController();


      scrollController: controller,
      onScroll: (scrollOffset) => debugPrint(
        'Scroll offset: $scrollOffset',
      onMMBScrollStateChanged: (scrolling) => debugPrint(
        'Is scrolling: $scrolling',
      onMMBScrollCursorPositionUpdate: (localCursorOffset, scrollActivity) => debugPrint(
            'Cursor position: $localCursorOffset\n'
            'Scroll activity: $scrollActivity',
      enableMMBScrolling: true,
      enableKeyboardScrolling: true,
      enableCustomMouseWheelScrolling: true,
      mmbScrollConfig: MMBScrollConfig(
        customScrollCursor: useSystemCursor ? null : const DefaultCustomScrollCursor(),
      keyboardScrollConfig: KeyboardScrollConfig(
        arrowsScrollAmount: 250.0,
        homeScrollDurationBuilder: (currentScrollOffset, minScrollOffset) {
          return const Duration(milliseconds: 100);
        endScrollDurationBuilder: (currentScrollOffset, maxScrollOffset) {
          return const Duration(milliseconds: 2000);
      customMouseWheelScrollConfig: const CustomMouseWheelScrollConfig(
        scrollAmountMultiplier: 2.0,
      child: ScrollConfiguration(
        behavior: const CustomScrollBehaviour(),
        child: GridView(
          controller: controller,
          physics: const NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),
          scrollDirection: axis,
          padding: const EdgeInsets.all(24.0),
          gridDelegate: const SliverGridDelegateWithMaxCrossAxisExtent(
            maxCrossAxisExtent: 400.0,
            mainAxisExtent: 400.0,
          children: buildScrollableItemList(axis),


  • The ImprovedScrolling Widget must be added as a parent of your scrollable Widget (List/Grid/SingleChildScrollView/etc).
  • You must create and provide the same scroll controller to both the ImprovedScrolling Widget and your scrollable Widget.
  • Optional: If you want to programatically scroll when rotating the mouse wheel and not let the framework manage the scrolling, you can set physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics() to your scrollable and then set enableCustomMouseWheelScrolling: true on ImprovedScrolling to enable this feature.


  • Scrolling using the keyboard (Arrows, Page{Up, Down}, Spacebar, Home, End)

    You need to set enableKeyboardScrolling: true and then you can configure the scrolling amount, duration and curve by using keyboardScrollConfig: KeyboardScrollConfig(...)

  • Scrolling using the middle mouse button (“auto-scrolling”)

    You need to set enableMMBScrolling: true and then you can configure the scrolling delay, velocity, acceleration and cursor appearance and size by using mmbScrollConfig: MMBScrollConfig(...)

    There is also a DefaultCustomScrollCursor class which is a default custom cursor implementation

  • Programatically scroll using the mouse wheel

    You need to set enableCustomMouseWheelScrolling: true and then you can configure the scrolling speed, duration, curve and throttling time by using customMouseWheelScrollConfig: CustomMouseWheelScrollConfig(...)

  • Horizontal scrolling using Left/Right arrows or Shift + mouse wheel

    Requires enableKeyboardScrolling: true and enableCustomMouseWheelScrolling: true to be set.


Other than the above features, there are also a few callbacks available on the ImprovedScrolling Widget:

// Triggers whenever the ScrollController scrolls, no matter how or why
onScroll: (double scrollOffset) => debugPrint(
  'Scroll offset: $scrollOffset',

// Triggers whenever the middle mouse button scrolling feature is activated or deactivated
onMMBScrollStateChanged: (bool scrolling) => debugPrint(
  'Is scrolling: $scrolling',

// Triggers whenever the cursor is moved on the scrollable area, while the
// middle mouse button feature is active and is scrolling
// We also get the current scroll activity (idle or moving up/down/left/right)
// at the time the cursor moves
onMMBScrollCursorPositionUpdate: (
  Offset localCursorOffset,
  MMBScrollCursorActivity scrollActivity,
) => debugPrint(
    'Cursor position: $localCursorOffset\n'
    'Scroll activity: $scrollActivity',