Android and iOS APP in Flutter to find dessert stores/restaurants nearby and add them to favorites.(Still need to be improved!?)


Now many apps focus on providing users with a service to quickly search for food store or restaurants. However, users may be particularly interested in certain types of food, so they search for these types of food frequently. Therefore, ordinary search software cannot allow users to quickly reach the results. Inthis case, an app for people who have a special interest in a certain type of food is more useful. My app is mainly aimed at people with a special interest or fondness for sweets, providing them with nearby dessert shops. The main feature is that users can quickly search the database by category. This app currently supports searching for desserts into the most common three categories, namely ice cream, cake, and milk tea. Besides, the app also provides detailed information on each dessert shop, including product pictures, locations, etc. At the same time, the app supports the function of adding favorite stores to favorites, which is convenient for users to collect favorite stores.The app has a cute splash page and a cute overall style, which is suitable for people who like desserts. Due to the lack of time and the adaptation of google map and M1, the App does not currently support obtaining the user’s real location and search functions, which need to be improved in the future.


  • ???Lovely UI overall design, customized for dessert lovers.
  • ✅ Filter nearby dessert stores/restaurants by category.
  • ? Get the specific information of the dessert stores/restaurants, including product pictures, rating, distance, details, and business status.
  • ❤️ Support Favorites function, users can add favorite stores/restaurants to My Favorites.



Getting started

  1. Foke the project
  2. download the ‘sweetie’ folder and unzip the folder.
  3. open’sweetie’ folder, start an simulator and run in flutter (flutter run)


  • SDK version: sdk: “>=2.16.2 <3.0.0”
  • Dependencies added: cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2

Contact Details

Any questions? Contact me via [email protected]


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