LaCoro Q-commerce app

This app is an open source quick commerce app in flutter. Feel free to go to the issues list and comment on them to get assigned.

Architecture diagram

This project uses the concept of Clean Architecture which will divide the project into theses layers.

  • Presentation
  • Domain
  • Data


How to configure the backend

LaCoro uses back4app as backend as service. You need to have a back4app account or create a new one to configure your instance of the LaCoro backend. Then, you need to go to our LaCoro public DB and clone that into your back4app account.

After that, you will be able to get the keys to establishing a connection for the Consumer App and Admin App with your brand new backend.

Setting up your dot.env file

LaCoro uses flutter_dotenv package in order to set the environment variables.
Once you get the back4app credentials you need to add a development.env file.

Follow the structure defined in mock-development.env

How to contribute ❤️

  • Fork this repository
  • Clone the repository on your computer.
  • Do changes and push to origin.
  • Make pull request to this repository.
  • Wait for comments or changes requested
  • Wait for get merged your PR

Try it out!

Get it on Google Play