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About Amiga Crop Visualizer

  • The App takes Data from the Amiga Drone and shows it in colored KML onto the Liquid Galaxy. For demonstration purposes, we show a hardcoded data that replicates the data report from the Amiga Tractor.
  • Amiga Tractor drone gives a report of the crops and their quality. This helps us to distinguish between good and bad crops that can be shown onto the LG Rig once their health status and location are known.
  • Further idea is to add a functionality of identifying good and bad insects on the crops with the help of the Amiga Tractor and show visualization of the same. Then the use case is to spray pesticide on the locations where the bad insects are found, to protect the good and helpful insects. For identification, the Good insects are brightly colored ones while the harmful insects have a dull color. The harmful insects are herbivores while the good insects are usually carnivores thus they eat the bad insects. Also we need not spray any pesticide if the ratio of Good to Bad insects is above 2:1.
  • Another implementation is to have a use case where user can know which crops to grow next depending on the enriched and depleted nutrients of the soil. For this, the Amiga Tractor must be able to learn about the different types of soil.
  • The Amiga Crop Visualizer app currently makes visualization of 3 Tracks: Crop Field Map, Insect Track Map and Fields Track Map.
  • The purpose of visualizing the Amiga Tractor report in colored KML onto the Liquid Galaxy is to get a graphical and interactive representation of the various farms. Such data can very well represent the combined effects of the type of soil and helpful/harmful insects on the health of multiple crops, which can vary based on the species of the harvest and numerous other factors. All of this can be of great use for research and educational purposes.


Fill up issues, bugs or feature requests in our issue tracker. Please be very descriptive and clear so it is easier to help you. If you want to contribute to this project you can open a pull request at time you like.


The Amiga Crop Visualizer is licensed under the MIT license.

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