Flutter for Tizen


An extension to the Flutter SDK for building Flutter applications for Tizen devices.

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Supported devices



flutter-tizen substitutes the original flutter CLI command. Only the command line interface is supported.

# Inspect the installed tooling and connected devices.
flutter-tizen doctor -v
flutter-tizen devices

# Set up a new project in the current directory, or add Tizen files if a Flutter project already exists.
flutter-tizen create .

# Build the project and run on a Tizen device (either in debug or release mode).
flutter-tizen run
flutter-tizen run --release
  • See Supported commands for all available commands and their basic usage. See [command] -h for more information on each command.
  • See Getting started to create your first app and try hot reload.
  • To update the flutter-tizen tool, run git pull in this directory.


Tizen basics

App development

Accessing Tizen native APIs



If you run into any problem, post an issue in this repository to get help. If your issue is clearly not Tizen-specific (i.e. it’s reproducible with the regular flutter command), you may file an issue in https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues.


This project is community-driven and we welcome all your contribution and feedbacks. Consider filing an issue or pull request to make this project better.