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Why Converter NOW

Converter NOW is an effective unit and currency converter

? It is made to be easy, fast and immediately useable: just start typing and immediately you have the real-time conversion with all the other units of measurement

?️ It is customizable: the units can be reorganized according to your priorities and your use case

? It integrates a Calculator that let you do the calculations in every page

? Currency conversions are updated daily

⚫⚪ Choose your favourite theme: dark or white theme

??️ Full Smartphone, Tablet and Web app support

? It is free, no ads, no analytics, no permissions (just Internet to update currency conversions). And first of all it is open source!

Why I made Converter NOW

A few years ago I noticed that most of the unit converters on the digital stores were ugly, not immediately usable, with tons of useless tools. I thought it would be a good idea to develop a unit converter app that solve all this problems.

That year (2018) I first heard of Flutter. It still was in beta, but I decided to build it with this modern framework anyway, just to learn more. My friend Giovanni made the app logo for me and I launched it on the Play Store.

The project is not well structured. I made it to learn more about programming. It is not perfect but I hope that with your help we can improve it!

How can you improve it? Just star the repo and take a look at contributing file.