The AirController is a desktop app to manage your files on Android mobile by using wifi. It’s developed by the Flutter framework and supports Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Inspired by HandShaker, this is absolutely a handy and powerful tool and deserves a try.

Product Screenshot

Desktop app screenshot

How to use

  1. Install the latest AirController mobile app on your Android phone.

Open the link below and choose the latest version apk file to install.

  1. Install the latest AirController desktop app on your computer.

Open the link below and choose the latest file to install.

  • Windows users choose the exe suffix file, please.

  • Linux users choose the AppImage suffix file, please.

  • macOS users choose the dmg suffix file, please.

  1. Open the desktop application

  2. Make sure your phone and computer have been connected to the same network, and open the application on your phone.

That’s all, enjoy it!

Build and run.

  1. Install the latest Flutter SDK on your computer.

This project is developed by the Flutter framework. You should install Flutter first on your computer.

Make sure:

  • You have installed the latest Flutter SDK.

  • You have installed the latest Dart SDK.

  • No errors when using the command “flutter doctor”.

  1. Install dependencies and add desktop support.

Use the command flutter pub get to install dependencies.

Use the command flutter config --enable-<platform>-desktop to add desktop support.

Use a specific platform name to replace the string “–” in the middle.

Eg: flutter config -enable-linux-desktop to add support for the Linux platform.

  1. Build

The build command is flutter build <platform>.

Same as above, use a specific platform name to replace the string “”, then you will get the final binary file.

Attention: you need to build it on the computer running the same platform. Eg: Building a Windows platform binary file needs to use a Windows PC.


I will really appreciate it if you want to support me. For now, just star me please, that’s a big support for me.

If you are a UI designer, and you can provide me with a better design resource, that will be perfect.


If you got any questions when using this app, please click the link below and submit the issue detail, I will fix it quickly.

Feature Suggestion

If you want more features, just tell me by issue, please.

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