Binance Demo

A mobile application built with FLutter framework, that leverages the Binance WebSocket API to retrieve and present real-time updates in the format of candlestick charts, mirroring the functionality found on the Binance platform.


The following packages are used as dependencies in this project:

  • candlesticks: ^2.1.0 A Flutter library for rendering candlestick charts
  • flutter_svg: ^2.0.9 A Flutter library for parsing and rendering SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files
  • dio: ^5.4.0 A powerful and flexible HTTP client for Flutter, Dio simplifies network requests and provides features such as interceptors, cancellation tokens, and FormData support.
  • flutter_riverpod: ^2.4.9 A provider package for Flutter applications that helps manage and propagate state through the widget tree
  • freezed_annotation: ^2.4.1 A code generation package for immutable classes in Dart.
  • web_socket_channel: ^2.4.0 A Flutter package for handling WebSockets
  • intl: ^0.19.0 A Flutter Plugin that helps format dates, numbers, and strings according to different locales
  • flutter:v3.13.9 mobile sdk

Dev Dependencies

These are the development-specific dependencies:

  • build_runner: ^2.4.7 A tool provided by the Dart team to generate code during the build process
  • freezed: ^2.4.5 a code generation package for Dart and Flutter that simplifies the process of creating immutable classes


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