Flutter Stations Map App

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Project info

  • This project is an app that shows a map with Electric Charging Stations and their information. The app supports station markers clustering.
  • The app runs on Android, iOS and Web.
  • The app is built using Flutter stable and latest Dart version.
  • The app is built using the MVVM architecture.
  • The app is built using the BLoC pattern.


Stations Map App

How to run the app

  • Clone the project.
git clone https://github.com/extrawest/ev_stations_map_showcase.git
  • Open the project.
cd your_name_here
  • Get packages.
flutter pub get
  • Configure firebase project with flutterfire.
flutterfire configure
  • Run the app with your api key for the map as additional run argument.
    flutter run --dart-define MAP_API_KEY="{YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}"

At this point you should be able to run the app on your device or emulator.

Firebase hosting

  1. In order to deploy this app to Firebase hosting, follow these commands
  • Login to firebase.
firebase login
  • Initialize firebase.
firebase init
  • Choose account, then choose Hosting as an option.
  • Select Firebase project
  • Select public directory for your hosting build/web (default)
  • Configure as a single-page app
  • Build the project if you haven’t yet
flutter build web
  • Deploy to firebase.
firebase deploy

Created by Ruslan Volkhov

Extrawest.com, 2023


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