Flutter ScrollView Observer

This is a widget designed for ListView and SliverListView to listen for which parts are being displayed.


Add scrollview_observer to your pubspec.yaml file:

  scrollview_observer: ^0.0.1

Import scrollview_observer in files that it will be used:

import 'package:scrollview_observer/scrollview_observer.dart';

Getting Started

BuildContext? _sliverListViewContext;

Create a ListView and record BuildContext in its builder callback

ListView _buildListView() {
  return ListView.separated(
    itemBuilder: (ctx, index) {
      if (_sliverListViewContext != ctx) {
        _sliverListViewContext = ctx;
      return _buildListItemView(index);
    separatorBuilder: (ctx, index) {
      return _buildSeparatorView();
    itemCount: 50,

Create ListViewObserver

  • child: Create ListView as a child of ListViewObserver
  • sliverListContexts: In this callback, we need to return all BuildContext of the ListView those needs to be observed
  • onObserve: This callback can listen for information about the child widgets those are currently being displayed

  child: _buildListView(),
  sliverListContexts: () {
    return [if (_sliverListViewContext != null) _sliverListViewContext!];
  onObserve: (resultMap) {
    final model = resultMap[_sliverListViewContext];
    if (model == null) return;

    // Prints the first child widget that is currently being displayed
    print('firstChild.index -- ${model.firstChild.index}');

    // Prints the index of all child widgets those are currently being displayed
    print('displaying -- ${model.displayingChildIndexList}');

By default, ListView relevant data will only be observed when rolling.

If needed, you can use ListViewOnceObserveNotification triggered an observation manually.




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