Time Cop

A time tracking app that respects your privacy and gets the job done without getting too fancy.


I'd rather not do time-tracking at all, but since its a necessity for my work, it's either use an app or keep track of things manually (which I'm terrible at). There are many time tracking apps on the app stores (and I have tried several of them), but each of them has at least one pain point that eventually drives me off—some cost more money than I think they should, others have (what I consider) poorly designed interfaces, some are way too complicated, some don't export data easily, most require an internet connection, I have privacy concerns with a large number of them, etc, etc.

Time tracking in and of itself is rather straightforward (hence all the apps on the app stores), so I figured “why not use this as an opportunity to practice mobile development and learn some new things?”. This app is the result of that question—its a tool that I use every day for work, but also a sample project to work off of and share with others.


  • Offline-only, mobile-only (iOS / Android)
  • Fully private—there is no tracking / spying / advertising / etc
  • Keep track of tasks with multiple parallel timers that can be started with the tap of a button
  • Associate timers with projects to group your work (or don't)
  • Start, stop, edit, and delete timers whenever with no fuss
  • Export data as a .csv file, filtered by timespans and projects
  • Export the app's database for full access to all of its data
  • Automatic light mode / dark mode based on your device settings
  • Localized in several languages (thanks to Google Translate): English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
  • Open source (licensed under Apache-2.0)—fork away!


Translations are handled using Project Fluent. Currently all translations (except English) were auto-translated by Google Translate using my Translate Tool. If you notice any incorrect strings, I would love to know about it so that it can be fixed asap. Similarly, if you want to add a language, please do!