Create any polygon easily in Flutter with this package!

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  • Create regular convex polygons.
  • Create regular star polygons.
  • Create a polygon border.
  • Clip any widget with a polygon shape.


Create a Polygon

With this package you can easily create any kind of polygons by just setting its vertices (in a [(-1,-1);(1,1)] rect).

const polygon = Polygon([
  Offset(0.25, -1),
  Offset(0, -0.25),
  Offset(0.5, 0),
  Offset(-0.25, 1),
  Offset(0, 0.25),
  Offset(-0.5, 0),

You can then create a path from this polygon by using its computePath method. For example you can use it in a CustomPainter:

class PolygonPainter extends CustomPainter {

  final Polygon polygon;

  void paint(Canvas canvas, Size size) {
      polygon.computePath(rect: Offset.zero & size),
      Paint()..color = Colors.yellow.shade800,

  bool shouldRepaint(PolygonPainter oldDelegate) {
    return oldDelegate.polygon != polygon;


The computePath methods accepts various parameters and you can, for example apply a corner radius to all of the polygon’s corners:



This package has also a dedicated ShapeBorder called PolygonBorder, so that you can easily apply a color, a border, an image to the polygon or clip anything through Clip.shape.

  decoration: ShapeDecoration(
    shape: PolygonBorder(
      polygon: polygon,
      turn: 0.125,
      radius: 20.0,
      borderAlign: BorderAlign.outside,
      side:  BorderSide(
        width: 4,
        color: Colors.red,
    color: Colors.pink,
  child: const SizedBox(
    height: 400,
    width: 400,

Specialized polygons.

This package comes with two specialized polygons: A RegularConvexPolygon which can create triangles, tetragons, pentagons, etc. A RegularStarPolygon which can create various star shapes.



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