states_rebuilder is Flutter state management combined with a dependency injection solution and an integrated router to get the best state management experience and speed up your development.

states_rebuilder is a feature-rich state management sulution

  • Performance

    • Predictable and controllable state mutation
    • Immutable / Mutable states support
    • Strictly rebuild control
    • Auto clean state when not used
  • Code Clean

    • Zero Boilerplate
    • No annotation & code-generation
    • Separation of UI & business logic
    • Achieve business logic in pure Dart.
  • User Friendly

    • Built-in dependency injection system
    • SetState in StatelessWidget.
    • Hot-pluggable Stream / Futures
    • Easily Undo / Redo
    • Elegant error handling and refreshing
    • Navigate, show dialogs without BuildContext
    • Named route with dynamic segment
    • Nested routes mapping
    • Easily persist the state and retrieve it back
    • Override the state for a particular widget tree branch (widget-wise state)
  • development-time-saving

    • Easily CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE (CRUD) from rest-API or database.
    • Easy user authentication and authorization.
    • Easily app themes management.
    • Simple internalization and localization.
  • Maintainable

    • Easy to test, mock the dependencies
    • state tracker middleware
    • Built-in debugging print function
    • Capable for complex apps