My Phones Store


Project Description

“My phones store app is a mobile application developed using Flutter framework. It consists of 5 pages: the first screen, home page, all products page, details product page, and about page. The app is designed to provide users with a seamless and responsive experience on all mobile devices.”

  1. The home page is the core of the application, where users can browse through a variety of products that are available for purchase.

  2. The all products page provides the list of the available products “mobile phones” in a list view which can help the customer to select his/her favourite mobile phone, it also provides more detailed information about each product, such as its title, image, price, and description.

  3. The details product page provides users with a more detailed description of the product they are interested in. They can view the product’s image, read its description, and find out more about its features and specifications. This page also includes a “buy now” button that allows users to purchase the product directly from the app.

  4. Customers can also use the search engine to filter the products based on their specific needs and preferences.

Folder Structure

└── my_phones_store/
    ├── lib/
    │   ├── models/
    |       └── product.dart
    |   ├── pages/
    |       └── product_detail_screen.dart
    |   ├── screens/
    |       └── about.dart
    |       └── product_list_screen.dart
    |       └── products.dart
    |   ├── services/
    |       └── product_service.dart
    └── main.dart




First screen

First Screen

Home page

Home page



All products page

All products page

Details products page

Product details

About page

About page

Device Preview: iPhone 12 mini


Mostafa Hassan

Getting Started

Note: Make sure your Flutter environment is setup.


In the command terminal, run the following commands:

$ git clone https:// my_phones_store
$ cd my_phones_store/
$ flutter packages get
$ flutter run

Languages and Tools that used in this project

flutter dart


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