FileX (WIP)

A simple File Explorer(Still very buggy) made with Flutter.

To download apk:

  • Tap on the button below(it will take you to another page)
  • Scroll down the page to download apk-release.apk

? Requirements

  • Any Operating System (ie. MacOS X, Linux, Windows)
  • Any IDE with Flutter SDK installed (ie. IntelliJ, Android Studio, VSCode etc)
  • A little knowledge of Dart and Flutter
  • A brain to think

✨ Features

  • [x] Recent Files.
  • [x] Search Files.
  • [x] Sort Files.
  • [x] Show/Hide Hidden files.
  • [ ] Copy/Move/Paste Files.
  • [x] Delete Files/Folders.
  • [x] Rename Files/Folders.
  • [x] Dark Mode.
  • [ ] FTP.
  • [x] Whatsapp Status Saver.


Light Dark
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8

? Plugins

Name Usage
Provider State Management
Open File To open files Natively
Device Apps Get list of apps installed on Device
Mime Type Get mime type of a file
Video Player Get thumbnail from a video file


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